I'm the troubleshooter!

Avid gamer, problem solver, creative mind and teamplayer.
For over ten years I've been working with different technologies on interactive content and web applications.

The fantastic element that explains the appeal of games to many developers is neither the fire-breathing monsters nor the milky-skinned, semi-clad sirens; it is the experience of carrying out a task from start to finish without any change in the user requirements.

Steve Ballmer



E-LEARNING PLATFORM for 21learning

Collaborative learning tool available as web, desktop and mobile application.


Giełda Maturalna

E-LEARNING PLATFORM for Wydawnictwo Operon

Concept development and application architecture for online platform for major polish educational publisher.
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Dni Pracodawców

ONLINE JOB FAIR for Grupa Pracuj

Concept development and application architecture for completely new service allowing employers to reach new audience.

Dead Island 2


I did main menu for this game. After the Witcher it seems my specialty are sequels. :)


Synthos Racing

MULTIPLAYER RACING GAME for Synthos (via The Addictives)

3d multiplayer racing game with nice physics model in which players controlled their cars with tablets acting as steering wheels.

Mega Paki

FACEBOOK GAME for Plus (via The Addictives)

Game design and development of one of numerous facebook games I did in 2013 with The Addictives.

Language for Business

MOBILE APPLICATION for LfB (via Square Design)

Mobile flex application.


JS PROGRAMMING for Lexus (via Super Fi)

JS components programming.
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CMS TOOL for Amirior (via epicode)

Imagine you have tens of products, each could have hundreds of variations and you'd like to be able to quickly create images of all of them. This little cms tool solved this riddle.
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Z naszych podatków dla nas

INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION for Ministerstwo Finansów (via Studio BX)

Fun interactive presentation explaining where your tax money goes.
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Bez Tajemnic

WEBSITE for HBO (via Studio BX)

Website that acts as a personal computer of a tv series main character. Internals were modeled after DOS and Windows 3.1 architecture. Application won KTR and PromaxBDA awards in 2012.

Poczet Polaków

WEBSITE for Hoop Cola (via Studio BX)

Website that hosted numerous appliations including one that attempted to beat the world record in collaborative poetry.

Wirtualne Targi Pracy

AS3 PROGRAMMING for Grupa Pracuj

AS components programming.


The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings


Prototyping and implementation of game's graphical user interface.

Twój Wybór Piekna

WEBSITE for Ceramika Paradyż (via Genero)

Flash website built on my framework karoshi, featuring over 100 products on 25 pages (derived from 10 templates) in 10 languages.

Magic Shirt Box

ONLINE APPAREL DESIGNER for MerchZilla (via CodeOn)

Quite succesful attempt to recreate Photoshop features within browser application.
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WEBSITE for ITI Neovision (via Bug Busters)

AS components programming.



WEBSITE for GoodLuckClub

Built on first incarnation of my karoshi framwork site featured over 120 pages (derived from 10 main templates) with full cms functionality.

Mikołaj Łebkowski

PORTFOLIO for Mikołaj Łebkowski

Portfolio of young and talented director of photograhy.

Pan BO

INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION for SAP (via 180 heartbeats)

A neat mix of interactive presentation and a game.

Odkryte Pragnienia

AS3 PROGRAMMING for CinCin (via 180 heartbeats)

Series of flash mini applications featured on CinCin's website.

Najlepszy na Święta

PROGRAMMING for Knorr (via 180 heartbeats)

Write a christmas card that would be read out loud by children. On top of other challanges I had to build from scratch custom streaming server for muxing/demuxing flv files on the fly.


PrincePolo: WebXXL

PROGRAMMING for Kraft Foods (via Ogilvy)

For many reasons it is still one of the most challanging projects I took part in.

Sprawdzam sie

GAMES for Accenture (via OtherSource)

A set of games for internet campaign.



WEBSITE for Joanna Werc

Concept development and implementation of a website for a young fashion designer.

Skoda Fabia Monnari

ONLINE CAR CONFIGURATOR for Skoda Auto Polska (via Golden Submarine)

Online car configurator.


GAME for Mikołaj Musielak

Platform game. Cooperation with talented Wiesław Skupniewicz.

Dziewczyny mojego dziadka


A soft erotic gallery with dynamic page flip effect? Why not!

CDF Architekci

WEBSITE for CDF Architekci

My first major client. This is actually the second version of the site. First was launched in 2001.


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